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I have spent most of my adult life exploring and finding out about topics the media misreports on.
It has at times cost me my freedom and my financial security.
I’ve spent time in two warzones, green protests, prison, traveling with hippy’s & on the streets.

My love is writing although I have little formal education. So please excuse my sometimes bad English.
I am going to use this blog to tell my story’s, write about my adventures and at times write my short fictional story’s.

New Project

I’m launching a new project ‘homeless to millionaire’ in five years.
I will document my time on the street’s getting back into housing and re-gaining my buisness.
I will sow how others in the same situation can make money, I will show how to save, economise and earn. This will also be very funny at times.
I have done this before, gone from homeless in 2004, to staring work then a buisness in 2005, by 2010 I had bought my own home. I can do this again.

Eid in the Library

Most days I sit reading, writing on the web and chilling in Oldham’s main library.
I know I criticise my town and its population but I write what I see.
Today is Eid and as I sit in the library I see that it is the quietest and most empty I have ever seen.
I know library’s are supposed to be quiet but the tables are empty. They are usually full of Asian students doing home work. The computers are empty, there is usually people of all creeds using them, mostly older white people and African Muslims.

The white people of my town must not really be into reading, learning and self betterment.? This is a sad observation, am I wrong?

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No Go Zones

In 2001, prior to the 2001 race riots that plagued several Northern former mill towns, the UK media reported that some areas of these Northern towns had become ‘No Go Zones’ for whites.
I have been a resident of Oldham, the first of these former industrial power houses to erupt in racial violence on and off for most of my life. It is true that for a few years prior and a few years after there was racial tension in areas of Oldham. I also witnessed it in areas of Burnley and Bradford when visiting these towns. However I would never of called them ‘No Go Zones’.
sadly there was an old man beaten in an Asian Muslim area of Oldham that sparked the violence. But what fanned it was political. Both the far left and far right used this as a platform to there own ends. This had terrible results.
Several months after the riots a drunken young man on a night out in Oldham lost his way on his way home. He wandered into an Asian area and was beaten to death by a gang of Asian youths.

Oldham has had a strong Muslim community for several generations now and has existed in its own semi segregated areas. The far right use this segregation as evidence that Britains multi racial society does not work. I however find it is the other way round.
Since returning to the UK last year I walk each night through Glodwick Oldhams largest and most strongly Muslim area. Now I live on a strongly white English estate. People deck there houses in St George flag buntings and display the Union Jack flags out of there windows during the football cups. The far right target sutch estates during election campaigns.
So each night I walk through Glodwick to return to my estate to get home.
Last week I tried to get on the tram in Oldham to go into Manchester. I was shocked to find the doors being jammed by a gang of drunken young white teens. A girl and boy were attacking another young teen girl, punching her face. I pushed the girl out of the tram to here the crying young beaten girl shout over here tears ”please don’t let them back on”. The teen boy tried to get back on and stood up in front of me and said ”who the fuck are you?” to cut the story short I pushed him off the tram, the doors closed and we went on our way.
On returning I got of the tram and walked up into Glodwick the Muslim area. It was quite busy for 10:30pm but being Ramadan it usually is after dark at this time of year.
I went to a shop to buy some food for the evening and break fast to be greeted ”Salam” by a young man. He was dressed in traditional Muslim clothes. ”Are you hungry?” he asked, ”I’m ok tanks” I replied. ”Are you sure? are you ok for food?” he continued. ”Honest I’m fine, thanks though” I answered and left the shop.
I walked up past a mosque continuing my way. A large Muslim man greeted me ”Salam alicome” the Muslim greeting. ”Salam” I replied.
I walked past a takeaway ”you hungry bro?” two youths asked me. ”No thanks, ta though” I answered. I walked past a large Mosque getting towards the end of the area. Muslim men and women were walking down the road towards it as I walked up. Three of these men greeted me ”Salam”. I greeted each ”salam” in return.
I got to the end of the main Muslim area and started into the area where it begins to get ‘English’ I walked past the last Asian shops and in a bus stop sat three teen white young lads ”yo fam you got a cig” one shouted ”no” I shouted. ”Don’t lie” he replied, ”I don’t smoke” I shouted back”, ”shut the fuck up then” he demanded.
I continued down the road to where two heavy set white women were screaming at each other. They were rowing over some unknown argument. One slapped the other so the other large woman spat in her face. I walked on past a pub where the dull cat like wailing of Karioki drifted out. The last bastion of English mid week culture.
I got to the bottom of the road to turn off down a footpath that takes you onto the bottom of my estate. This is the best part of my nightly walk. Through a field, along as nice stream and a horse field where I give the horses a handful of grass each night. If it wasn’t for the fly tipping at the end of the path it would be beautiful.
I climb the concrete steps at the end of the path and I’m onto my estate.
I walk up one street and at the top there’s a gang of English girls. They are gathered round two who are facing off ”I’m on the estate tonight, yea!” the taller of the pair says to the other. ”I don’t care if its your estate but if I see you again your dead” she states. I continue on getting to the street where I live, past the smashed up phone box and masses of litter. I get to my front door.
I let myself in, put my bag down in the kitchen and put the kettle on. I think to myself ”which is the no go zone”??

The ‘Homeless’ Vote

I had the ‘fortune’ to spend the evening with 3 homeless drug addicts the other night. They were gathered round a TV watching the news at a friends house. The issue of Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour leadership came on. ”I wish that c**t would go” one said. ”I know, he’s a prick” the girl lying next to him said. ”He will ruin our NHS” she continued. The third then said ”I’ve never liked him, I’m glad we are out of Europe”
Then Boris Johnson came on  the news ”That’s who we need as PM, he’s the peoples politician” yea the other guy said ”He’s the man for the working class, he says it like it is”. The woman again piped up ”He will save the NHS and get Britain back how it used to be”.
I was shocked at what I was hereing, there people at the bottom of society’s pecking order sticking up for a man who supports the ones at the top. They exist off the scraps that they are handed and social welfare yet want rid of the man who supports it.
I asked if any of them voted in the Referendum or voted at all. Lucky for the more informed poverty stricken person not one of the three ever had. If any of these three got there wish not one would ever receive decent NHS treatment again, not one would be eligible for housing help. Not one would get social benefit without draconian conditions attached.
I have no idea where these people get there information?

BY 28/6/16